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Mechanical Construction & maintenance Electrical and Products

We offer a variety of our products and mechanical services to our clients from in-house design to assembly, installation and commissioning.

Our Products, Custom-designed steel structures, PEB Structures in Pakistan, Pre-Engineered Building Services, PEB Steel Fabrication, Industrial Steel Buildings, PEB Construction Company

PEB Steel Structures

We specialize in designing and fabricating custom steel structures to meet diverse project requirements.

Our Products, Tower fabrication for diverse applications.

Towers Fabrication

Explore our range of fabricated towers tailored to your specifications for various industries.

Our Products, Street lighting poles for urban landscapes.

Street Light and CCTV Pole

Our Products, Our street light and CCTV poles offer both functionality and aesthetic appeal, enhancing urban landscapes.

Bowser, Our Products, LPG Bowser Manufacturing, LPG Bowsers in Pakistan, LPG Tanker Fabrication, LPG Transport Solutions, Gas Tanker Manufacturing, Propane Bowser Fabrication

LPG bowsers

Explore our cutting-edge manufacturing process for LPG Bowsers, ensuring efficiency and top-notch quality.

Our Products, Precision-fabricated Steel Storage Tanks.

Steel Storage Tanks Fabrication

We specialize in the precise fabrication of steel tanks to fulfill industrial storage requirements.

Cable Tray, Our Products, Cable management trays for organized wiring.

Cable Trays

Discover our cable trays designed for effective cable management, ensuring neat and organized wiring systems.

Our Products, MS flat bars and channels for construction.

MS Flat & Channels

High-quality MS flat bars and channels ideal for various construction applications.

Our Products, Heavy-duty anchor bolts for stability.

Anchor Bolts

Choose our anchor bolts for secure and stable connections in various construction applications.

Our Products, Structural angles and pipes for construction.

Angles & Pipes

Explore our range of structural angles and pipes for robust construction projects.

Our Products, Versatile wire mesh for multiple applications.

Wire Mesh

Our wire mesh products are designed to meet various application needs, providing versatility and durability.

Our Products, Strong and durable wire ropes.

Wire Rope

Explore our range of strong and durable wire ropes designed for secure load-bearing applications.

Our Products, Chain-link fencing for security.

Razor Wire

Enhance security with our effective razor wire solutions, providing a deterrent against unauthorized access.

Our Products, Razor wire for enhanced security.

Fence Chain Link

Our chain-link fences offer secure and reliable solutions for various fencing needs.

Our Products, Durable steel gratings for flooring.


Choose our steel gratings for durable and reliable flooring in industrial and commercial settings.