Steel Storage Tanks for Various Industries

Welcome to M. Siddique sons Engineering Concerns Pakistan, your trusted partner in the fabrication and supply of high-quality steel storage tanks. Our commitment to excellence and adherence to industry standards make us a leading manufacturer in Pakistan and a preferred choice globally. Explore our diverse range of steel storage tanks designed for various applications across industries.

Our Steel Storage Tanks Range

Horizontal Steel Storage Tanks

Our horizontal storage tanks offer versatile solutions for storing Horizontal Storage Tanks. Whether it’s HSD, Furnace Oil, LDO, or Petrol, our tanks are designed to meet your specific requirements.

Vertical Steel Storage Tanks

We provide vertical storage tanks tailored to your needs. From compact designs to larger capacities, our vertical tanks are constructed to the highest standards.

Cylindrical Steel Storage Tanks

Our cylindrical storage tanks offer a classic design with robust construction. These tanks are ideal for a wide range of applications in the industrial sector.

Dished End M.S Steel Storage Tanks

Discover our M.S storage tanks with dished ends, ensuring durability and reliability for your storage needs.

Conical Base M.S Steel Storage Tanks

For applications requiring specialized design, our conical base M.S storage tanks are engineered to meet your unique specifications.

Skid-Mounted Steel Storage Tanks

Efficient and space-saving, our skid-mounted storage tanks provide a convenient solution for various industries.

Trusted by Leading Companies

Our esteemed clientele includes industry giants such as Shell Pakistan Ltd, Attock Petroleum, Total Parco, PSO, BYCO, Hascol Petroleum Ltd, Askar Oil, Mari Gas, and other prominent players in the industrial sector.

About M. Siddique sons Engineering Concerns Pakistan

M. Siddique sons Engineering Concerns Pakistan stands as a top-tier steel fabrication and erection mechanical engineering company. We specialize in manufacturing and supplying storage tanks, tankers, and tankage solutions for Oil, Gas, Diesel, Fuel, Petroleum, Chemical, Milk, Water, and various industrial applications.

Global Presence

While our primary focus is in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Multan, and Peshawar, we are passionate about serving clients worldwide. Our global footprint includes the UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UK, Europe, USA, Turkey, Russia, China, Afghanistan, South Africa, Australia, and more.

Comprehensive Steel Fabrication Services

As experienced fabricators, erectors, and EPC contractors, we offer a wide range of services, including manufacturing power plants, high-pressure vessels, steam boilers, heat exchangers, LNG terminals, prefabricated buildings, and more.

Diverse Industry Solutions

Our expertise extends to diverse industries, including power plants, wastewater treatment, sugar mills, RO ultrafiltration, biogas and bioethanol plants, CO2 plants, fertilizer, petrochemical, cement, wind farms, dairy, and bespoke infrastructure projects.

Quality Storage Solutions for Various Industries

Industrial Storage Tanks

Our storage tanks cater to Chemical, Petroleum, Pharmaceutical, and Food Industries, as well as water treatment plants. Manufactured using high-grade SS & MS steel, our tanks are non-corrosive, long-lasting, leak-proof, and easy to maintain.

Milk Storage Tanks

We supply durable Milk Storage Tanks designed for raw and processed milk storage. Available in vertical or horizontal configurations, our tanks ensure the hygiene and integrity of stored milk.

Sugar Syrup Tanks

Our Sugar Syrup Tanks are crafted for the pharmaceutical industry, offering non-corrosive, long-lasting, and leak-proof solutions for sugar mixing. Choose from capacities ranging from 500 liters to 1,00,000 liters.

Chemical and Petroleum Storage Tanks

Designed for the safe storage of petroleum products, chemicals, and water, our storage tanks meet industry standards. Whether aboveground or underground, single or double wall, we provide quality tanks tailored to your needs.

Contact Us for Your Storage Needs

Trust M. Siddique sons Engineering Concerns Pakistan for reliable, high-quality steel storage tanks. Contact us for custom solutions, project management, product planning, monitoring, and independent audits. Experience excellence in steel fabrication with M. Siddique sons Pakistan.

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