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Welcome to M. Siddique Sons Engineering Concerns Pvt Ltd., the premier destination for top-quality LPG bowser and bobtails in Lahore, Pakistan. Operating from a cutting-edge fabrication facility, we adhere to international standards, specializing in the manufacturing of reliable and durable LPG transportation solutions.

LPG Bowser and Bobtails: Safe and Efficient Transportation

Our precision-crafted LPG bowser and bobtails stand as the preferred vehicles for transporting LPG across diverse industries. Manufactured from high-quality steel plates meeting ASTM A516 Grade 70 standards, our vessels ensure safe and efficient LPG transportation.

Key Features:

  • Capacities:

    Standard bowser capacities of 22 & 25 metric tons with double and triple axles for long haul purposes.

  • Compliance:

    All our products adhere to international standards and regulations, ensuring safety and efficiency in LPG transportation.

Products and Services:

  1. Pressure Vessels:

    • Custom-designed vessels meeting specific industry needs.
  2. LPG Cylinders:

    • High-quality cylinders ensuring safety and reliability.
  3. LPG Storage Tanks:

    • Robust tanks ranging from 10MTON to 100MTON capacity.
  4. Auto-gas Stations (Turnkey Basis):

    • Comprehensive solutions for setting up Auto-gas Stations, ensuring convenience and efficiency.
  5. LPG Auto Cylinders:

    • Automotive-grade cylinders for versatile usage.
  6. Piping:

    • Efficient piping solutions facilitating seamless LPG flow.
  7. LPG Bowsers:

    • Reliable and well-crafted bowsers for safe transportation.
  8. Instrumentation and Control for LPG:

    • Cutting-edge systems ensuring precision and safety.

Documentation and Compliance:

Understanding the importance of regulatory compliance, we provide comprehensive documents, including drawings and calculations of storage tanks, for submission to OGRA as per your requirements.

Serving Diverse Industries:

Our products find applications across a wide range of industries, including Sugar Mills, Power Plants, Food and Beverage, Chemical and Petrochemical Plants, LPG Facilities, Oil Fields, and more.

Trust M. Siddique Sons Engineering Concerns Pvt Ltd. for your LPG transportation needs in Lahore, Pakistan. Our commitment to quality and safety makes us a reliable partner for industries across the region. Contact us for efficient, reliable, and customized LPG transportation solutions.

Our Products, LPG Bowser Manufacturing
Our Products, State-of-the-art manufacturing for high-quality LPG Bowser.